Welcome to AstroCabTools

Set of tools that analize data from JWST in Python

Current version is 1.5.1


This work has been partially funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación through its program “promoción de empleo joven e implantación de la Garantía Juvenil en I+D+i 2018, PEJ2018-002877-A”, the Comunidad de Madrid through the Atracción de Talento grant 2017-T1/TIC-5213, and he Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) Project MDM-2017-0737 Unidad de Excelencia “María de Maeztu”- Centro de Astrobiología (CSIC-INTA).


Key Features

  • Integrate processing tools, algorithms, visualizationd and data analyisis of images and 3D infrarred spectroscopy for the James Webb Espacial Telescope (JWST).

  • Integration of JWST calibrated data and advance products into astronomic data bases and astrophisics specialized packages.

  • Developing of procedures to the JWST data combination and the joint analyisis of large volumes of data.

  • Simulation and study of observations made from the MIRI tool of the JWST with the MIRISim simulator.

Libraries Used

  • PyQt - Binding of C++ GUI library.

  • Numpy - Library that allow large data manipulation in python.

  • Matplotlib - Grpah visualization library.

  • Astropy - Collection of software packages used for astronomy.

  • Seaborn - Statistical data visualization.

  • Lmfit - Non-Linear Least-Squares Minimization and Curve-Fitting for python.

  • PyPubSub - Package that provides a publish-subscrive API.

  • Photutils - Package that provides tools for detecting and performing photometry of astronomical sources.

  • jwst - Package that provides standard data models for the current cubes version to interact easily with.

Tools Installation

The set of tools can be downloaded using the next pip command:

$ pip install AstroCabTools

Tools execution

all_tools execution:

$ allTools

mrs_chan execution:

$ bandChan

mrs_spec_chan execution:

$ specChan

mrs_det_plot execution:

$ detPlot

fit_line execution:

$ fitLine

cube_ans execution:

$ cubeAns

mrs_sub_viz execution:

$ subViz

Beta Versions

Currently mrs_chan, mrs_spec_chan and mrs_det_plot are tools in beta versions.


  1. Mrs_chan tutorial

  2. Mrs_spec_chan tutorial

  3. Mrs_det_plot tutorial

  4. Fit Line Tutorial

  5. Cube Ans Tutorial

  6. Sub Viz Tutorial

  7. All_tools Tutorial


The AstroCabTools package has been developed by the INTA Research and Development Group as part of the JWST/MIRI consortium. The main contributors to this software are:

Alejandro Gorgues Valenciano. Centro de Astrobiología (CSIC-INTA), Madrid, Spain

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